Stuart Cohen Show wins Silver Magellan Award
Stuart Cohen Show Stuart L. Cohen, MCC

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Welcome to the Stuart Cohen Show: A Remarkable Communications Channel
Thousands and THOUSANDS of travel professionals who "aspire higher" continue coming here for something POWERFUL and REFRESHINGLY NEW.

An industry FIRST and WINNER of a prestigious Magellan Award, the Stuart Cohen Show IS now the MOST POPULAR training channel. Or, is it entertaining?  It's BOTH. That's why we call it your ENTERTRAINING resource.

We entertain, educate, and engage.  We don't talk TO YOU, we talk WITH YOU! (Far far better than a webinar...).

How It Works
This web-based radio station streams instantly across the internet. Come anytime, we're open 24/7 for your listening pleasure.  Better yet, be in the audience as we record our shows "LIVE". Call in and participate!  Turn up the volume so everyone in your office gets the edge. Miss a "LIVE" broadcast?  No problem. Listen instantly to any show at any time on your Mac, PC, or laptop. Browse our PODCASTS of past shows and download your favorites! Is your rep on our Supplier Shout-Out Wall of Fame?

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